Verein Velaventura - The association Velaventura

The association Velaventura

The idea of the association Velaventura

In the name VELAVENTURA the Spanish words Vela (fine veil or sail) and Aventura (adventure) are stuck. Disability always has something to do with a veil, with concealment of human faculties, which - by this or that circumstance - can not be seen. To lift this veil to reveal the hidden image is our primary goal. VELAVENTURA is committed to achieving this goal - this is our adventure!

The association Velaventura

The backbone of the club's work is volunteer work, which is done by many enthusiastic and qualified helpers, skippers and organizers.
Basically, membership is open to everyone. With the membership fees the infrastructure costs of the association are co-financed.
The Velaventura association, based in Rubigen / Be, was founded in February 2004. The association is recognized as a non-profit organization. Since its founding, sailing education projects, leisure time and holidays have been organized and carried out for different people.

Customers of Velaventurara are defined in the purpose article of the statutes:

The purpose of the association is the promotion of youth and implementation of experience-educational projects or meaningful leisure and holiday offers for:
a) People with disabilities or behavioral adolescents.
b) Young people and young adults from socio-pedagogical institutions and institutions of semi-inpatient and outpatient youth welfare services.
c) members of youth organizations, pupils, apprentices,
d) students and adults in crisis situations.
e) In the case of non-utilization of the association's structures and objects (eg ship), the offer can also be extended to other circles. The target groups, as described in a-d, always have priority and priority.

Membership in the association Velaventura

Basically, membership is open to everyone. With the membership fees, the infrastructure costs of the association and the maintenance costs of the association sailing yacht INUIT are co-financed. For sailing weeks aboard the INUIT membership in the association Velaventura is required.
normal membership fee: CHF 100, - per year
Contribution for people without income or disability CHF 50, - per year

We depend on your support, every new member is welcome.

If you want to become a member, please send us an e-mail message with your name, address, e-mail address phone number. Instead of an e-mail you can also use the form below and pay the membership fee to the club account. With the payment of the club contribution she became a member.
The statutes and all other documents can be found on our website under Download. By informing you of your address information, we can inform you about club activities.

Postal account: 30-272505-4
IBAN: CH79 0900 0000 3027 2505 4