Verein Velaventura - Our sailing ship

Our sailing ship

Die Inuit

The baptism of the INUIT was in September 2001 in Goldach on Lake Constance. INUIT is the proper name of the Eskimos and means: Man. The association Velaventura has taken over this name for the ship, because it is consistent with our idea.

The INUIT is a very safe cruising sailboat, made of aluminum type Reinke 15M. The high safety reserves result from the construction:
• Center cockpit,
• 6ton lead ballast,
• Rudder with fuller
• Slup-Kuttertakelung

The interior is simple and functional, and offers up to 12 beds (including salon).

Spacious 2 bed cabin in the stern.



Single cabin

Toilet with large sewage tank for the cleanliness of the ports where we moor


The new 2 bed cabins in the foredeck.
This can be easily converted into a 3 bed pipe bunk


3 bed tube bunk in foredeck, starboard


WC, shower, washroom in the foredeck


The spacious kitchen leaves nothing to be desired


The deck saloon (also as a place to sleep for 2 people) is very popular


Entire nautical charts can be spread out on the card table. If you lift the lid, you can store it flat without folding it.


Engine compartment
The iron genoa
Two marinated Nanni Diesel 50hp / 36.8kw
Diesel tanks: 2 x 500 liters (side tanks), 1 x 500 liters (tank tank)

Stock of spare parts


Outboard engine for dinghy


Despite the lack of "luxury" you will soon feel very "home" and secure. Thanks to a large fresh water tank volume (1400L), large diesel tanks (1400L) and a self-sufficient power supply (solar module + wind generator), long-haul flights can be mastered well with a medium-sized crew (around 8 people). Due to the very good-natured sea behavior, the INUIT can be sailed well with a very small crew (1-3 persons) - even without autopilot.

Since the inauguration of the INUIT in 2004, the ship has been well proven and adapted to the needs of the customers in the equipment.


The cockpit can accommodate up to 10 people. At the stern is a bathing platform with a sturdy folding ladder, which reaches deep into the water. From the bow to the stern there is plenty of space to work, sit, dream and enjoy.